What is a Mommitment?



What is a Mommitment?

A Mommitment is a promise to moms everywhere. It is a commitment to always try to offer compassion and support to another mom, regardless of how we feel about each her personal choices.

The #Mommitment campaign was started by a mom who decided enough was enough, and asked some other moms to join her in an intentional kindness movement.

Mommitment doesn’t care if you strictly bottle feed, breast feed or choose a little of both. It doesn’t consume itself with labels or details that seem to separate moms and send us into battle over the “right” way.

The Mommitted bloggers who represent #Mommitment are committed to focusing on the struggles and joys of motherhood without passing out judgment to those who may disagree.

Mommitment believes differences are opportunities for moms to learn from each other, but is also aware that open-mindedness and willingness to understand alternate views is vital for that successful exchange.

Why Commit?

Mom shaming has been happening forever, but thanks to social media, it seems to be getting worse and affecting more women. It’s so easy these days to sit behind a keyboard and tell others how we really feel, even if it has the potential to be hurtful.

Many times we can justify this action because it was not our intention to be cruel. But what if we all made a commitment to be more intentional with our kindness toward one another? What if we all promised to try and think about the person on the other end of a social media comment, tweet, or article? Would it make a difference? Mommitment believes it most certainly would.

There are so many mothers out there feeling alone and not speaking up out of fear of being judged or labeled a “bad mother.” Mommitment wants to offer those women a safe and judgment-free platform to express themselves freely and connect with other moms who can identify.

If it’s true that it takes a village to raise a child, let’s create one in each other. We will not agree on everything, but we believe it is possible to support each other in our differences.


“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy


How do I make a Mommitment?

There are a number of ways to make a Mommitment, but the first step is to make it official. Signing the petition makes a statement, and sends the message out into the universe that you’re committed to kindness!! It also allows you to invite other moms in your circle to join us.


How can I get involved in the movement?

Join us for our annual online

31 Day Mommitment Event in May!!

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You can tweet @Mommitment with your promise, or make a picture and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest! Make sure to tag it with #mommitment!!Are you a blogger or writer with your own blog/website? If so, you can contribute to Mommitment by writing a post about your commitment and what it means to you. For more information, contact Julie Maida at julie(@)nextlifenokids.com

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